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It seems that anyone can (and will) put out a sign that says, "HORSE TRAINER." It becomes the horse owner's job to figure out who's real and who isn't. In Arizona, you don't have to look far before you start hearing about Buddy Uldrikson – the one they call "An Uncommon Horseman." He will tell you that finding or choosing the right trainer is as important as choosing the right school, doctor, or lawyer – there's a trust and confidence between you. Horse training is a way of life as well as a science.

Buddy's training is based on working as closely with the owner/rider as he does with the horse. His goal is to build a sense of confidence in both horse and rider during the training process—a win-win situation. That's one of the reason he enjoys working with beginner/novice riders and starting young horses.

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  • Starting Colts
  • Horsemanship
  • Behavior problem solving
  • Barrel Racing
  • Team/Calf Roping
  • Working cattle
  • Trail horses
  • Ground-work
  • Trailer loading
  • Relationship repair
  • Advanced horse/rider
  • Hunter Jumpers
  • Dressage-English
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Besides clinics around Arizona and southern California, Buddy has training facilities in Scottsdale and Wickenburg and even does 'Barn Calls'. Buddy has experience with a wide variety of breeds. Call 928-684-7392 for more information about how he can help you and your horse.

Scottsdale Horse Trainer
Buddy brings years of professional challenges and awards to his work. He was chosen from 600 applicants to be part of the final competitors in the nationally televised EXTREME MUSTANG MAKEOVER in Fort Worth, Texas in 2008. The trainers were given a maximum of 100 days to work with a wild, unbroken mustang. Before a large crowd at the Will Roger's Coliseum arena, Buddy and his mustang, Jackpot, brought the crowd to their feet as they demonstrated flying lead changes, cattle working, and dressage maneuvers, placing 15th out of the 200 competitors. He also qualified and participated in the 2007 World Series Team Roping Finals in Las Vegas.

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"Buddy thinks with his heart and then acts with his mind -- THAT IS WHY HE IS like another RAY HUNT and an AWESOME TEACHER OF HORSES AND PEOPLE"

- Cindee Grimes

Buddy Uldrikson's philosophy is grounded in the methodologies of that "Inner Circle" of horsemen like Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. He has a natural ability to connect with a horse on a level most people spend most of their lives trying to learn, and don't even come close to. He advises his students, "You're not communicating from your head to your horse, you're communicating from your heart to his heart. That's where the connection is. And when that happens, you not only have a happy rider, but a happy horse!" On a regular basis, you will hear "discipline without violence", "watch for the TRY, and then acknowledge it," and "it's got to be a win-win situation for the horse and the rider." With that gentle yet assertive attitude, it's no surprise that he has worked with various psychological communities as a co-clinician with Trauma Healing Practitioners who specialize in treating people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As the saying goes, "The outside of a horse is often good for the inside of a person."

Buddy works with various disciplines

  • Team/Calf Roping
  • Barrel Racing
  • Ranch Horses
  • Trail Horses
  • Dressage - English
  • Hunter Jumper

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  • Private Lessons....(children or adults)
  • Group Lessons......(children or adults)
  • Workshops/ 2 days max. 20 participants
  • Clinics/3 days....max. 20 participants
"Buddy Uldrikson has developed a great reputation from the largest ranches, many rodeo and horse owners of many disciplines, over the last several years. His word is like a gold promise and could never be broken and that my friends, is his reputation!"


At 15 years old, Buddy began learning to break horses the old cowboy way -- a mini bronc-riding rodeo session with each horse -- and found he was good at it. He spent a lot of those “early years” working for large ranches in Colorado/Arizona and gained a lot of knowledge and experience from watching other cowboys who were having trouble with their own horses. He kept thinking there had to be another way of working with the horses. He found that “better way” when Ray Hunt’s “Colt Starting” video came into his life. He started applying it to each horse he worked with.

Following this gentler way of dealing with horses, Buddy proceeded to hone his skills, finding he could relate easily to the style and the emotion involved. His search for knowledge led him to what many called “The Inner Circle” – Ray Hunt, Tom and Bill Dorrance, Buck Brannanman, Mike Thomas, and Bryan Nuebert – experienced trainers who believed in and developed this new approach of working with a horse instead of dominating it. During a Ray Hunt Clinic in Wickenburg, Arizona, Buddy was invited to ride six different horses in the horsemanship class. The horses ranged from totally green (barely handled and knowing very little), to horses with problems created by others, and on to more advanced-discipline horses. His personal commitment and dedication to each horse, along with his philosophy of “work from the inside out of the horse versus the outside in” was evident, and impressive to those watching him work.

Buddy also travels around the United States to appear at expos, conduct clinics and horsemanship demonstrations, as well as serving as a judge at many of these competitions. He can be seen at The American Trail Horse Competition & The Arizona Sun Circuit Quarter Horse Show in Scottsdale, AZ; Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race, Buckeye, AZ; Rancho De Los Caballeros, Wickenburg, AZ; Arizona Dressage Association, and The Arizona Sun Circuit Quarter Horse Show, Scottsdale, AZ; Equifest, Prescott, AZ; Equine Extravaganza, Paso Robles, CA.