Ground Work + Work in Hand

Calmly leading, yielding to pressure, turning, bending, freeing up the hindquarters and all four feet are some of the components of ground work. You will learn a philosophy that, when applied, will begin to improve your communication and safety in the saddle. As your horse learns to respond lightly in the halter, you will have the beginnings of the trust and respect you need to solve problems under saddle.

When I do my ground work I try to have the same feel I have in the saddle. When the horse is going in a circle to the right I want to roll the hindquarters over (disengaging), (the lead rope should go from halter to right hand to left hand) I bring right hand to midsection between belt buckle and chest. If horse does not respond I will lift my hand untill the horse runs into halter. Your goal is to get horse to respond with the slightest feel. There should be plently of slack between the horse and you (halter and hand) as your hand comes to midsection the horses nose should tip in, hindquarters tip out. Inside leg should go in front of outside leg. When you release or quit asking the, the final step with the horse should be BACK.

Example: I ask, right hind goes in front of left hind, I ask, it goes in front. I quit asking it stept back! This is very imporant!

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