Ground Work DVD

Beginning Groundwork:

Buddy is no ordinary horseman.  He has an instinctive quality about him.  Words like “observant”, “aware”, and “perceptive” all pertain to him in his work with the horses.  You will find his groundwork is like no other.  He seems to have an almost magic touch.  Watching him do groundwork is like watching a dance where both partners are moving in sync with one another.  In this DVD Buddy is able to communicate how to accomplish this unity with our own horses.  The scenery is beautiful and the music is very moving.  This DVD portrays the lifestyle of a true cowboy and his love of the horse.  It is something you will want to watch over and over and learn something new with each viewing.

The DVD is about an hour and twenty minutes long with special features and different types of horses being worked.  It is a great prep to riding in the saddle.

Beginning Groundwork costs $40.00.  It can be purchased online with PayPal below or contact Kim @ 928-684-7392.

Price: $40

Horsemanship on the Trail

Price: $40