Rancho Rio Bonito offers riders and their horses a unique workshop

to reach your performance potential by combining natural horsemanship

and learning new skills for dealing with:

*anxiety and fear    *mental blocks   *previous accidents   *bad habits

Be it a negative thought pattern that impacts your competitive-edge in team roping, steer wrestling, barrel racing, or dressage; or a serious fall preventing you from competing or trail-riding, “there is another way” to support you in getting back on track.

Our objective is to have students regain their sense of empowerment through building trust in themselves, with or without their equine companion.

Through structured group workshops or individual sessions with you and your horse, Colleen* and Buddy** teach you how to reconnect with the “I can” feeling that may have either been shaken by an accident, gradually eroded by a series of negative experiences, or stem from frustration because you and your horse are “just not communicating.”  Gently encouraging the rider to recognize and connect with both the horse’s and his/her own somatic cues is often the beginning of the miracle of moving from “I can’t” to “I can.” Self-doubt can hold you back, so we begin teaching from a place of safety, calm, and centeredness.  Colleen and Buddy teach students to listen to what their bodies are sensing, learn to observe/interpret horse behavior, and challenge them to trust what they are learning.

“It was the most amazing experience; not only for me, but for my horse.”

“Afterwards, I walked up to the pay window.”

I again realized, I can catch.”

“I was with my horse the whole race.”

Workshops and individual sessions are designed to give each student individualized attention

and run from three days to a week.  For more information see  our Trauma Healing Workshop page and please call us.

* Colleen DeRango, MA, LISAC, SEP is a respected trauma-healing specialist, EMDR trained, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Colleen is an innovative clinician who in designing these sessions and workshops with Buddy, combines her years of counseling and coaching people through crises in their lives with her other passion, working with horses.  Patient and willing to listen, she has a deep appreciation for the bond that can occur between a horse and rider.

** Buddy Uldrikson is a professional horseman, trainer, competitor, and judge who integrates natural horsemanship principles learned from Ray Hunt, Tom and Bill Dorrance, Buck Brannanman, Mike Thomas, and Bryan Nuebert.  Buddy’s students are drawn from many disciplines, including roping, barrel racing, ranching, trail, hunter-jumper, and dressage.