Performance Horses

ropeWestern Performance Horses can work cattle or cut, brand, rope, rein, barrel race and all of those sports that show off the athletic ability of the horse and rider  doing jobs that the west is famous for.

It doesn’t matter what discipline you and your horse are involved in, Buddy’s goals will be the same:  letting the horse learn without fear or pressure, learn by being accurate with every move, and making sure you are communicating what you want from him each and every ride.

As horses learn what is expected of them and receive positive reinforcement when they get it right time after time, they soon become enthusiastic participants in whatever event they are trained for.  Once a horse understands what the job is, he can’t wait to get out there and do it!

Whether working with team or calf roping horses, barrel racing or hunter/jumper horses, reining, or even dressage, the end result is the same:  a horse that is eager to perform, looks ahead with enthusiasm, and gets better at it every ride because of the understanding and partnership with the rider,  making every outing or event a fulfilling experience.

If you feel like you and your horse are not communicating, Buddy will work with you until you both are back on track.  Whether it’s at your barn, your arena , or at his arena –  Buddy will provide  a renewed enthusiasm in both of you for what you love to do.


BARREL RACING (PROSPECTS OR TUNEUPS) – just one of the western performance horse Buddy works with.

For this training you get the best of both worlds.  While they always work as a team from start to finish, Buddy begins with basics and works his way through till he has a relaxed horse that pays attention, as well as looking forward to the task in front of him.

Once the horse’s mind has been cleared of any confusion he might have had, is responding and moving easily on a loose rein at any gait, he turns the horse over to his wife, Kim.  The fundamentals are always in place before taking a horse through the barrel pattern.


Kim has worked with a variety of disciplines herself, and spent several years working with Charmaye James at her barrel racing clinics, as well as being a competitive barrel racer herself.  Kim has a calm, clear, and concise style of teaching and always makes sure both you and your horse understand what is being asked of you.  Kim is a believer of positive coaching and making sure it’s always a fun time for you both.  With that attitude you and your horse will find yourself looking forward to her lessons.

You are always welcome to haul to their arena for lessons and any level of horse and rider are welcome.