We can go on-and-on about what a great trainer Buddy Uldrikson is, but we prefer to allow others the privilege.  Below are a few of his kudos.

It has to start with honesty - first with your horse, then with yourself.” These words were some of the first Buddy spoke to me. Little did I understand at the time the transformative power of that philosophy, both personally and relative to my horsemanship skills.
— Judi U., Friday Harbor, WA

We have been coming to Arizona for the past few years to have Buddy Uldrikson work with us on our horsemanship.  We love the one on one we get and the wealth of knowledge that Buddy brings. We will be back for sure. 

Don and Kelly Johns

Rush Colorado

Buddy has helped us become better riders and our horses better performers.  He has taught us that a barrel horse has to be able to use their hind ends in order to do their jobs.  If any of the basics are missing from their training, problems will arise when speed is added.  Buddy has helped us keep our barrel horses good and competing at their highest level. 

Mariah and Tess Morgan 

Stevensvile Montana